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You will find in this collection the works, publications and communications of the members of the Montpellier Research in Economics (EA 7491).

«  Montpellier Research in Economics » (MRE) is a research center of the University of Montpellier gathering members from the Faculty of Economics.

The research activities of the unit are structured around three thematic axes:

1- To bring out regulatory and social standards for a preserved future

2- Stimulate innovation for a transition towards sustainable development

3- Implement and evaluate responsible public policies


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Self-interest Choice Experiment Road pricing Altruism Telecommunications Photovoltaic electricity Grid tariff Social value of health gains Managed retreat Equity Nouvelles technologies Preference elicitation History of Economic Ideas Regulation Decentralized production unit Cost savings Bien-être Qalys Revenue Solar panel Education Social justice Contract Territorial solidarity History of Political Economy History of Economic Thought Climate change Externalities Status seeking Spot prices Blum Sea-level rise Tennessee Coastal inundation Tastefulness Solidarity Bargain Accidents Gift Congestion pricing Liberalism Distastefulness Buchanan Taste Taxation Mobilité urbaine Jugement de valeur Market failures Constitutional economics James Buchanan Permis à circuler Gasoline Tax Price constraint Consumer decision making Coase Health care priority setting RES Access charge Asymmetry Network competition Regulation Kalven Electricity production Mobile Termination Rates Horizontal merger Public Choice Competition Collusion Merit order effect Factor complementarity History of Economic Thought through 1925 Public Finance Networks competition Call externalities Access price Electricity spot prices Clubs Principles of transfers Storage Prioritarisme Positional concerns Context of exchange Economic analysis of law Glide Path Network Asymmetries Constitutional Political Economy R48 Status Public Transportation Next generation network Investment Content quality Net neutrality regime Discriminatory regime Régulation Renewable energy production Brown vs Board of education Chicago Automobile Democracy Merger control Grid regulation Choix des consommateurs Prioritarianism Natural gas Liability Principes de transfert Coase theorem Coverage constraint