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COVID-19 Belief function Motion capture TwinCoBot Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Pensée complexe Upper limb Cautious classification Complexity Colorimetry Elderly Charge d'entrainement Composites Knowledge graph Machine learning Neural combinatorial optimization Low back pain Exercise Image filtering Modelling COGNITION Diet Joint action Diversity Fitness-Fatigue Chute Mocap Apprentissage profond Knapsack problem Pointing Parkinson's disease EEG MASK Motor control Chronic low back pain Claims Fonctions de croyance High speed imaging Rehabilitation Nonuse Edge detection Belief functions Working memory Digital Twin Modélisation Stroke Reaching Complexité Depression Multiple criteria decision analysis Electromyography Data indexing Pressure ulcer Graphe de connaissances Model-Driven Engineering Physical activity Rhinitis MHealth Interdisciplinarité Synchronization Imprecise classification Long-term care facility Gait Performance Human detection Guidance Empirical software engineering Deep learning Planification MARCHE A PIED Capacitive sensor Architecture Deployment Kinematics Optimisation Emergency department DBpedia Old people Nrf2 Walking at home Empirical Software Engineering Bioacoustics Prevention PANU Neuroplasticity Monitoring Emotion MALADIE DE PARKINSON Recommender system Apprentissage automatique Locomotor trajectories Parkinson’s disease Choquet integral Modeling Plastic sorting FNIRS SensFloor Affective computing Machine-learning Asthma Muscle strength